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wow some of you guys are new to the franchise. They had this in PS1. It was Virtual Reality center you could fire every weapon, drive all vehicles and fly all aircraft. But, there was a problem. People weren't coming out to the battle field. They stood around in a place called sanctuary chatting, trolling, whatever etc.. It made game play slow paced. Now I've not played beta, but at the warpgate you can take a vehicle out for a test drive without fear of being attacked provided your faction has the resources. This only going to be a concern in the beginning because the majority of us will be like wtf does this button do? doh! Anyhow...

Check this link You'll see everything every body damn near wants in the whole idea vault. Its actually funny seeing all the repetitive requests.

It tells you how closely they listen to the community for sure. makes you wonder why they didn't listen for starwars galaxy. Man I miss that game prior to the changes.

cya all in-game

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