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Re: WDS awareness?

I've watched the WDS stuff from when it got started. Clearly there was a population problem. I think the first round of changes were good but what happened now? VS are the underdogs and they are now winning 37% to 31/32.... It really seems like the higher popped factions now have to work twice as hard to achieve those points and I don't think they really care. They just want to play the game.

You want people to take territory? There needs to be an incentive. Resources right now do not cut it. There is still no other point in this game other than to cert farm. That might be a bit harsh but it is true. When people play the game, they look at the best ways to earn certifications and advance their character and taking a base is definitely not one of them. What do you get the most reward for? Killing players and vehicles. Not capping points or territory, which it should be. Killing players and vehicles, etc, should be the secondary objective but if you look at how you are rewarded, that would be number 1.

You need to be rewarded for taking a base, not by getting more points towards your empire, no one cares about that. The people that do are just roleplaying like it matters when 90% of the population just wants to farm like in any other FPS game.

So, what would I suggest?

You get great rewards for capping a point and holding that capped point. You get great rewards for flipping a base. The longer you defend the base (IE: Stay at the base and defend), you get rewarded for that. Now, how much experience should a player be rewarded? I dunno, and I don't think it can really be done. Due to the free to play model, you cannot over reward players as there needs to be incentives to buy boosts and a sub. If people feel like they earn a lot of EXP (like Firefall), then there is no point to sink any money into the game.

Now, what they should do is lower the amount you are rewarded for killing vehicles, players, blowing stuff up, etc and grant you more rewards for territory control. Clearly the resource system doesn't work. Again, it is all about the farm.

But Natir, I already have what I want and I do not want anything else in terms of certs. Yeah, Okay... Lets humor that for a second. That person is the minority in that case and most players are always lacking things here and there to really complete their character. You finished your HA? Well, there are more classes and vehicles that players use so it will be a while before they finish the cert grind.
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