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Re: WDS awareness?

Glad someone posted a WDS thread. I really want to post this but I didn't want to start another complaint thread

The Top Dog Mechanic must be discontinued and replaced with a different mechanic. It punishes winning and rewards losing. If the factions are ever to get balanced, this will sting really hard.

Suppose the factions are balanced and suppose this is basketball (5 v 5 balanced population).

Team A make 5 straight shots.
Team B misses 5 straight shots.

Team A leads by 10 points. Now everytime Team B scores, there's an added +1 because they missed 5 straight shots? So the team that made 5 straight shots gets punished and the team that missed gets the reward. One can see how awful this system is.

Make the bonus scores based on current continental population. Now if the basketball game was 5 vs 2. Now, it would be fair if the team with just 2 players get more points if they make a shot because it's 2 vs 5 and the odds are against them.

But the current program punishes a leading faction. It's a very poor way of rigging the scoreboard to make the match close.

I've seen this type of mechanic before in my favorite RvR MMO. And that was far more insidious form than this. It was so bad that losing meant winning. And winning meant you got cheated. What was the result? Everyone wanted to lose because there was a massive reward tied losing. The reward was so big that winning was moot and pointless and everyone was fixing the situation so they can lose. It was horrible .
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