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Originally Posted by Mastachief View Post
To be fair Malorn is asking for input on how to make it viable, but so far i think we have come up short with solutions. I'm not sure there is one.
There isn't a solution. Malorn really should just abandon the WDS at this point. Clearly it has not worked at all and just provided literally everyone with free boosts who logged on once to the winning faction. The population imbalances are way too great and there still is no incentive to take and hold territory. Until you fix those two problems, doing anything else will not actually address the issues.

WDS is a shame and should have never gone through. When it first started, it was obviously clearly biased towards the overpopped faction. Now it just favors the underdog with the new point system to the point that they are getting way too much help. At this point, it really seems like the dev team (primarily Malorn since this seems to be his pet project) has no clue how to fix population imbalances and make people want to take territory.

At the end of the day though, if all you do is reward people for killing vehicles and killing people (tons of exp goes into getting kills, kill streaks, bonuses with using weapons, etc) over taking territory or using any of the support mechanics. That is what needs to change for people to start caring about territory. Plain and simple. If you can earn the most certs by taking territory, people will do it. If you can earn the most certs by farming kills, that is what people will continue to do. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out easier solutions to the problems this game has.

I will even break down some ideas for the dev team.

Territory cap streak: You get bonus exp for taking more territory during your play session.

Territory defense bonus: You get little bits of exp here and there for defending a base. Maybe it is just passive for how long you have been in the area of a base defending or have it based off of what you do while defending. You repair something while defending a base? Maybe give you defense bonus exp.

For taking a point at a base, taking down a generator, guarding a point at a base while it flips, should grant you more experience than it currently does.

Actually capping a base should give you way more experience than it currently does.

But what do you sacrifice for this? Who knows. What I will tell you is that if you want people to care about taking territory, the resource system will not cut it and is a joke. At the end of the day though, due to the free to play model, you cannot greatly reward players. The free to play model right now is really what is holding the game back. Unfortunately, these problems will doom Planetside 2 forever.

How do you fix the population imbalances? Merge more servers into each other. Mattherson, at it's peak, has no more than 1700 players on. Briggs has less than 1,000 players during their prime time. Waterson is similar to Mattherson. Connery has about 2500 players total during their prime time but they also got 2 mergers as well. These numbers are also based off of people logging on during that given hour (and who are currently logged in) so the population actually playing will be much lower as people could just be logging in for their certs or checking to see who is online.

You should also note that a lot of the servers are not even at that supposed 2k continent cap when a continent has a queue. Clearly SOE has also lowered the population cap without telling anyone. Stats don't lie.

At the end of the day though, all these little fixes here and there are just band aid solutions to the problems. Band aids are only meant to work for a very small period of time until the real problem is addressed. SOE has tried to reuse the same dirty band aid and it clearly keeps falling off.

Hate to be harsh but these are all issues players have addressed and given answers to and SOE brushes them off. It is time to start listening more to the player base and implementing these tough ideas or their game really will be going no where fast. This MLG shit will also go no where fast as people will continue to ask, what is the point of taking territory. Do you know? When you take a continent, does it get locked, kick a faction off, rotate the warpgate? Nope. Nothing. You get absolutely nothing. Boom problem addressed and solved.

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