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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

He also said initially they were considering not to put maxes in the game but he told them oh hell yes they are going to be in as they were in the original and considered them iconic to the franchise.

I found it interesting his take on f2p. Said since the game was free they viewed it OK to release in an unfinished state. If it were p2p they would definitely have to wait until it was more polished.

No doubt the ps4 version will be the game's fork in the road. It will be do or die. If you'll recall Smed said it would make more money than the PC version since they already have purchase information via PSN. Players can just simply click to purchase without any hassle.

Kinda off-topic but I have been reading about an upswell of angst over f2p. Parents are getting tired of seeing these micro-transactions on their CC bill for "free" games. It seems there is growing sentiment of some sort of regulation of the industry in regard to f2p but we will see how that goes in the near future.

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