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Originally Posted by Calista View Post
Oh no, I agree hence the rolling of the eyes. I just can't believe people think they have anything at home that would be even close to running an MMO with advanced tech like PS2.
Most likely you are referring to people talking as if they could host a 2000 player server at home. Obviously that is not going to happen. But don't people who have their own Battlefield servers actually rent space from some third party provider anyway?

Now, a 2000 player server would cost huge money, but it wouldn't be so ridiculous to have 64-128 player servers. This game has long been polluted by deathmatch focus gameplay even as it tries to claim a territorial focus in name. Why not embrace that, take it to the next level, and break up the game into servers like that (READ the last paragraph before you panic)? They could, for example, carve out mini-maps for 64-128, such as Crossroads/Crown/TI Alloys (and maybe one or two of the other close bases). They could make pure deathmatch modes, conquest-ish modes, and so on.

But why, you ask? Well if people are going to just play it as a deathmatch, why not accommodate them with the smaller round-based server structure, and charge rental fees for it? Just like in BF your rank and unlocks follow you to any server, so could the same thing happen for PS2 in this system.

What are some reasons that individual players would choose to do their deathmatching on a 64-128 server?
1. Ability to find closer servers for ping purposes

2. Server owner/renter can provide a more immediate cheat response (though on the flip side, just like BF has, you'd have some power trip owners who kick/ban for the most trivial or even unfair things)

3. Such servers would be round-based instead of persistent - many players want this (I don't, but 95% of the fights I see are played like a deathmatch anyway despite how the game is designed, so I'm practically getting it anyway except there aren't formal rounds built into the game).

4. Easier to play with the same small group of players

Obviously there would be drawbacks to work out but basically, this game has long been a deathmatch in all but name. Why not take advantage of it, especially if server rental fees are going to pay for it? Might even attract new players.

And more importantly...the main servers would still exist, but with people able to more formally go to 64-128 player servers for their deathmatching, hopefully those who do go on the main servers will be playing to win. Right now, except in highly organized outfit scenarios, most people play to cert farm. That kind of play does not take advantage of a big territorial control map.

So on weeknights, a player might log in, play 3-4 20 minute rounds on a good ping server, but on weekends logs into the main servers to participate in organized ops.

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