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Re: Planetside Nostalgia: First Outfits

I can't remember my first outfit. I do know that it left a bad taste in my mouth. I was outfitless for about two months as a very young player because of the experience I had in that first outfit. All I ever wanted to do was drive a Thresher.

Over a couple weeks DeSade of The Lost Minions kept asking me to join his outfit. I kept telling him I wasn't interested. He told me they did Thresher groups and were taking out BFR's pre nerf. (I later realized this was a lie) I had a lot of fun in LM, the organization was done well and DeSade was an entertaining SOB to be around. I liked being the civil one in vent when he was cussing people out. I met alot of cool people in that outfit and I value the time I spent there.

When LM desolved I joined Juggernauts and I guess I can say I'm still with them, don't know how much that means when I haven't played in over a year. I have to say, I laughed more in Juggernauts than I did in LM, and I think that's because Juggies was simply a "good ol boy" outfit.

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