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Location & Time of OS EVENT Thurs 30th June (End of an Era)

Hello all
Massive OS Event all factions face to face no shoot farewell is on the 30th June The last day before the server of this great game is shut down
The Main OS Event will take place on:
AMERISH at the MONUMENT (North west of AZEBAN) Grid REF: N6 as its not near any base and close to a Warp Gate for driving in AMS's Please bring an AMS if you have one
THE TIME will BE 9.00pm 2100 hours BST to convert to your local time use
I hope to see many friends and foe's there to say goodbye take some final Screenshots and go out with a BANG!

all are welcome and hopefully see you there....

To Sum up It will be emotional an honour and a pleasure and for the last time ill see you on the battlefield RESPECT


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