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Originally Posted by elfailo View Post
I wonder how things would have turned out if Jesus had been Venezuelan.
Depends. In which time period?

Option A: During Roman times: religion would have been trapped by indigenous tribes in the jungle. We'd probably still worship Wodan.

Option B: During Incan times: he'd probably have been sacrificed to Quetzecoatl or some other local deity, or at the very least enslaved for the good of the empire. And if not that, he'd probably DEMAND sacrifices done the RIGHT way. >.> We'd probably still worship Wodan.

Option C: After arrival and conquests by the Spanish? Depends, as a local or as European immigrant? As the first: Would be burned by inquisitors or die of some European flue if indigenous. Would otherwise reform the Spanish Pantheon paganism (neither Christianity nor Islam would have existed and **** would have remained a populace without a nation of their own after the Assyrians stormed in).

Any options I missed?

Originally Posted by Warborn View Post
The foundations of many of our formerly Imperial colonies are built on the mass graves of the indigenous populations. Imperialism royally fucked the situation the natives of North America, Africa, and elsewhere. As people who don't belong to those demographics we can kick back and relish in how nice it was for Britain or whoever to pave over some other nations with their own culture, but what if the Empire had cooperated and been something other than dominant and inhumane toward the people they conquered? Maybe now there'd be modern nations whose roots lie in the Cree, Lakota, Ojibwe, and similar peoples. Who is to say whether such a scenario would have been better or worse for the nations as a whole. Certainly it would have been better for the natives.
Well you can look at how that worked between trade with Japan during the isolationist period. Only the Dutch were allowed to trade with Japan, because the Portuguese tried to convert the populace.
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