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Re: Questions for Pro7

Originally Posted by dafuq View Post

i dont trust pro7, and im not spending a single cent to buy stuff from them
Someone finally understands me, Thank you.

Originally Posted by bjorntju1 View Post
I think he was referring to the fact that the people who don't like that their SC gets transferred to prosieben cash, can ask for a refund. It would be very odd that we don't get our cash transferred over, while DUCO players, who recently changed their account to a prosieben account, DID get their SC immediately changed over. It also said so in the mail that was sended out to DUCO players. I sended him an e-mail asking for some clarification.
But did he say anything about game data, he seemed to have dodged a question where someone asked him about game data and beta keys. Did he say anything about them being transferred?
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