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Re: For EU Players: Win a trip to SOE Live

Originally Posted by basti View Post
Aannnd its fucked.

The hyper boosts just released today completly screw the whole thing.

They give you 100% XP boost (instead of 50% as the other boosts) for 1 or 3 days, depending on wich one you buy.

Given the nature of this compettion, not buying them means you are pretty much out of luck.

To be fair, the whole competition was pretty screwed from the beginning, as you had to have the 50% XP boost + 50% from the subscription to even have a chance.

Pete: I hope you guys have some way to track base score, means before any modifiers like the subscription, boosts, population etc.

I do also hope that the 12v12v12 at the end is without any boosts or stuff.

Otherwise its not "may the best dude with plenty of time to game win", but rather "may the dude with plenty of time and plenty of money win".
Seems fair to me they've put the money in after all.

The final should surely just be the person who gets the most points in 1 hour. Anything else would be pointlessly messy.
Average play time of 2.8hours per day and falling.
Average play time of 2.5hours per day and falling. Need metagame.

Average play time of 2.0hours per day and falling. Need metagame / Continents.

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