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Re: Tank drivers acting as gunners in PS2

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post is your friend. Rival means a competitor, an equal. If something fell short of being competitive then it would by definition not be a rival.
Read very carefully: It. Does. Not. Bring. It's. Own. Endurance. It is NOT an equal unless it is two times more powerful.Two times, because that's how much damage it has to put out to equal two tanks with two main guns of "equal" strength.

Check the maths thread I made earlier for the why (probably page two now). It has to do with the opposition only firing at one tank at a time, meaning the "secondary" gun (on the other tank) can fire freely for "two" lives (the one of the other tank and his own). In contrast, if they were on one tank, they can fire at two tanks yes, but only for the lifespan of one tank.

Also where do you get your information that the secondary gun is worse than the lightning?
Vehicle webcast.

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