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Re: Will I be able to max out Planetside 2 at 1366*768?

Originally Posted by basti View Post
Thats where you lost.

Laptops issues are not the technical power, but heat. And PS2 will stress your laptop. In theory, you could propably play just fine. But you will run into heat problems, wich cause clocks to go down rapidly, and bang you got 0 FPS.

Play it on the desktop man, like its meant to be played. But obviously give it a Try on the Laptop. Even if it doesnt work right now, it may do once its fully optmized.
Heat certainly is annoying, but it doesn't affect gameplay too much from my experiences. When I play BF3 with everything on high on this laptop, the CPU gets to like 93 degrees and the GPU like 85 degrees, which still doesn't throttle it. It averages about 30-50 FPS with those settings in singleplayer. This is also the only game that reaches temperatures this high; other games like Starcraft 2 and Rage only get to mid 80's on the CPU and mid 70's on the GPU.

It would just be nice to be able to play it on the go, like at the university and stuff when I have nothing to do.\

(I'm using a Lenovo Y470)
My old Dell XPS M1330, on the other hand... did not like games. It got to 100+ restart-worthy temperatures, and eventually the GPU died because of the flawed 8xxx laptop series from Nvidia.

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