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Re: Will I be able to max out Planetside 2 at 1366*768?

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Not all laptops should be lumped together. My laptop typically runs this game very well on Medium, and not bad on high. 560m 2gb DDR5, i7 2670qm sandy, 12gb ddr3 ram, badass cooling.

One patch gave me insane stutter, then fixed. I think the 'way its meant to be played' is subjective. Average 50 FPS on medium seems fine with me...and to be fair, graphically PS2 kind of looks like shit compared to most modern games lol.

I run BF3 on high/ultra, but this game is more CPU inensive with much less impressive graphics, as with all MMO's. Laptop CPU's are much weaker than desktop ones. However, the game just isn't that graphically intense. All CPU here.

And to be fair, I've never gone above 60% utilization on my GPU, even on high. :/
There are definitely laptops that can run this well, like the Eurocom Scorpius , but Yeah I would actually say that laptop graphics cards are further than desktop ones, while processors are closer. I mean, Clevo managed to put a desktop i7 and desktop RAM into a laptop, but putting a desktop GTX 680 in a laptop is just silly. Added to the fact that a GTX 680m, the best laptop chip out there, is only about equivalent to a desktop GTX 560 Ti or so. Pretty much anything that isn't the Eurocom Scorpius can't Max out EVERY game (Scorpius has a GTX 680m SLI )

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