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Re: Will I be able to max out Planetside 2 at 1366*768?

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The main idea here being that planetside doesn't even come close to maxing out my GPU. Pretty ugly game (Don't get me wrong - looks better than I'd expect for an MMOFPS, lol), but loading all those players/vehicles at once is hard on CPUs and thats where people run into trouble. That and the fact that HDD's have been limiting as well.

Believe me though, these weak ass graphics don't even touch my GPU like any other modern game. Player Count is the issue for most laptops.
Yeah apparently Planetside 2's textures are quite ugly, but AFAIK they will definitely be updated come release time, which will probably tax the GPU much more than it currently does. Then at least I can say it's worth it to use my desktop to run.
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