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Re: DEV reddit AMA- "ANT will most likely be the Sunderer with an ANT module" says WH

about the Ant sunderer, and planetside in general. I personally feel the game is still very much a paid beta. I enjoy the product enough that I am happy to give SOE my monthly fee. The game has to have cashflow to get better, so whatever. I got the money to burn, not everyone does.

I suspect the future modules will dramatically change how a sunderer looks/ feels. I imagine it looking like a short Semi Truck with an empty bed. What you slap on the back changes what you can do with it. Crew compartment? Get guns. Ant module? Get energy. Respawn AMS? Get a cloak unit. The sunderer will probably go on to have a dedicated two man crew cab up front.

I personally feel that this is not the end of the changes. That our current equip system is in its infancy, and even simple things like "frames" racer/ etc, will actually change a vehicle's appearance or operation. Thats my hope, time will tell. If planetside 2 for PS4 is a good seller, I suspect we will see more rapid changes. Just sucks that PC was a beta test for it, still, I like planetside and can deal with that.

To finish this one up. You guys, as a community, are really unorganized. You need to get together here, pile up a list of concise questions to ask the devs at the next AMA, and make that happen. "hey how will a sunderer ANT work? Will it have weapons? blah blah blah" instead I see complaints with no solutions offered, no further thought put into them.
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