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Re: Confiscated vehicles/weapons..?

Originally Posted by RED View Post
Remembers weapon-swap-deals resulting my locker full of Jackhammers =)
My locker is full of Repeaters and Miniguns. Used to meet a TR soldier out in the middle of nowhere with a trunk full of goodies to trade.

Originally Posted by Thoreaux View Post
Let's get this quote in here:

It looks like it's a texture memory problem. Even so, I see no reason why weapons could not be looted. There's no need to re-skin a looted weapon, just change the tracer color.

Also, I simply don't see how it could present a balance issue unless the empires each have weapons with radically unequal abilities in different areas. I'm holding out hope for loot-able weapons being added in beta.
Why do we have to re-skin them? It would be fun to fly over a TR base in a TR bird and drop NC troops. A lot more tactical options, too.

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