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Re: Confiscated vehicles/weapons..?

Originally Posted by headcrab13 View Post
Hah, that's a good point. As badass as a TR-skinned Vanguard looked, I never did understand why they flipped textures when you hacked an enemy vehicle. I think it would be awesome to hack an enemy vehicle and roll it into their base, trojan horse style, suddenly popping out with guns blazing.

There may be some balance issues there, but it would be a lot more efficient to put in a few simple gameplay limitations rather than three times as many high-quality vehicle textures.

yeah the main one being if you had a TR giving NC prowlers. As long as you didn't shoot the gun, you wouldn't really know it was hacked until they are in the CY, or on top of you.

Which would be pretty devastating to all of sudden have 10 prowlers full of NC pwnin you in the face.
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