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Re: Werner - Nostalgia

Originally Posted by Radaeron View Post
I've tried to get hold of Stell a number of times. He may end up coming back but he's not responded to any previous attempts to contact.

Foehammer was VIETCONG right? Cool dude if it's the guy I'm thinking of.
I hope he's fine ... it was always fun to play against him/talk to him. And yes .. Foehammer created VIETCONG (the outfit ..).

Some name that also just came to my mind again is Nuts .. or was it Nutss .. the crazy dutch. I'll never forget his 'fat chick riding on a predator drone' signature, which he made because of the CRM we had back then .. Zatozia aka 'ThePredator'. Incidentally he also got banned for that, if I remember correct.
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