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Give Multiple Capture Nodes Long Separate Timers

Right now, the 3-way fight of a 3-4 point base is very inconclusive (can't find the right word; hard to resolve, unresolveable, blechhh). If faction A is defending. All it has to do is hold one single point while the other two camp the other two. What if each capture node is given a long capture timer?

Node A Long Timer
Node B Long Timer
Node C Long Timer
Master Timer

For example, if NC defender is holding A, TR is attacking B, and Vanu is attacking C, under this new system,

NC will keep A node
TR will eventually take B node and
Vanu will eventually take C node

But the Master Timer still won't move. What this does is give TR or Vanu a chance to go for the other nodes since they've already captured the B and C nodes.
In this situation,TR can put minimal defense on B and attack C. Vanu can put minimal defense on C and attack A etc etc. Suppose TR successfully defended B and still captured C from the Vanu, then the Master timer will countdown. The NC then can't simply turtle in A and will be forced to counterattack both B and C! Under the current system, there would be a deadlock and both attackers and defender will be bored to death. Right now, it's brute force numbers or go home in these types of fights.

I watched some MLG fights on Youtube and it's deadlock after deadlock after deadlock. It's the same on live servers. Imo, this will make 3-way fights more diverse and interesting with attacking and counterattacking scenarios. The current mechanics is poor when it comes to 3-way fights with multiple nodes.

What's everyone's thoughts on this?
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