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Re: Why am I consistently prevented from going where I want to go?

Originally Posted by Rivenshield View Post
Several issues here that combine to *really* put my off my feed:

1) I cannot -- this has been true since forever -- access the warp gate queue in a timely fashion. It invariably takes several minutes of standing still, backing off, approaching the console from different angles, mashing my E key endlessly, and FINALLY getting into the global map. I'm not even talking about trying to play Indarside; just to see what's going on with Amerish for a change. This issue appears to have absolutely no relation to how many people are waiting with me, nor how many people are in the queue waiting.
That happens to me a lot at AMSunderers. One way around it is to Redeploy directly to another continent from the Deployment screen.

2a) There is no global map. If I want to see what sort of fight is developing on a given continent, I need to physically travel there. It angers and annoys me to play war-queue-derby twice or thrice to see what's going on, where I should go, where my faction needs me, or where there might be a good fight developing. I think this is in the road map somewhere... but the lack of the one thing aggravates the other.
You can see the map for any continent from any continent. Click on the name of the continent for the drop down menu.

3) I like big fights. Both the Redeploy and Instant Action buttons are useful as tits in a boar hog in getting me *near* one. I suppose this is some chickenshit attempt on the part of the devs to reduce server load at the local level, or... something. All it does in make me nerdrage for several minutes while I spawn near my desired objective and then play Travel By Suicide. Half the time even this fails to work, even if I'm one base away in the lattice from where I want to go. It's either grab a Flash and hoof it, or spawn at the warp gate, grab a Mossie, and do a banzai run.
True enough, we need a solo squad deploy (not to enemy territories) on a reasonable (5+ minutes), cert reducible cooldown.

The stated idea behind getting rid of the sanctuaries was to get our instant-gratification new-generation gamers into the fight as rapidly as possible. Right? It was to expedite things; it was to SPEED THINGS UP. Why then in the flying mortal fuck are three gameplay hurdles placed in my path that fucking SLOW ME DOWN? Why does it take me longer to get into a fight -- the warp queue aside -- than it did a bloody decade ago?

/does the mighty nerdrage dance
Indeed, Sanctuaries didn't slow anyone down in PS1. They just provided a valuable place to stage forces and redeploy to the fight.
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