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Originally posted by Jinxmasta
Powergamers in an FPS? Now I've heard it all BECAUSE THERE ARE NO POWERGAMERS IN FPSes! An FPS takes a gamer that has twitch skill but has nothing to do with powergaming. Powergaming in RPGs takes no skill but an immense amount of time crammed together so they can get to level 60 in a week but they played 24 hours everyday so they technically used the same amount of time as everyone else. So an FPS can't really have powergamers because it depends on skill, not the time you spend on it.
Gimping or powergaming whatever you wanna call it = getting your character to a super l33t level. If you can spend every single hour on your character and get him to have most of the certs then that there is powergaming my friend. You may not be able to do everything you have once but your character could still easily be a man one army with all his abilities he gained.
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