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For the Empire **Cue "The Imperial March"**

I am remaining loyal to the Republic.

You must understand, it all may seem repressive, but how can you say that an empire that has lived in peace for more than a millenium is wrong? Oppression is all relative, when born into the empire and there is no other way, those within are content with their lives. Citizens may not have all the liberties that the NC and Vanu desire, but who needs them? The citizens of the Republic live content in their knowledge that they are part of a lineage that has transcended time and space.

There would be no NC or Vanu peoples without the Republic to get them "planetside". Choose the right people, stick with the Republic. Tried and true.

Qanamil Rafiki, Proud member of the Republican Armed Forces.

(on a side note, R.A.F. for the armed forces ties in with the whole British = TR theory someone was speaking about earlier)
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