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Re: Hypocrisy?

Originally Posted by DirtyBird View Post
I actually thought the thread was void of waaa and people just wanted an explanation.

I find it funny you didnt reply in the same manner over on Reddit, or you're craving upvotes over there so its different.
Theres a difference, a huge difference.

The SOE thing here, the thing people complain about, is people getting nothing because they did their first purchase after April 3rd.

The Pro7 thing on the other hand is people who did their first purchase before april 3rd, BUT did another one after it. If you would have done that on a SOE account, everything would be fine, because you got stuff.

The thing is pretty simple: You didnt lost anything. You still have exactly the stuff you should have. Some peole just got something for free tho, you didnt. Complaining about this would be like complaining about the fact that some Hobo gets money for free from random people while you dont.

However, as said above, the pro7 thing is different. If it would have been like it is for SOE customers, then everything would be fine. If it would have been for SOE customers like it is for Pro7 customers, then it would also be fine, even tho a bit iffy to do. But its different. Its two different situations, making Pro7 customers the loosers here. They didnt got the free stuff not because they made their first purchase after April 3rd like SOE customers, but because they made ANOTHER purchase after april 3rd. One could say, and this is certainly what a lot of people say right now, that a lot of folks didnt got free stuff because they went with Pro7 and not with SOE. And that is the problem i care about.

But yes, its all about the upvotes. Some day i download a car from all those upvotes. I should propably switch to the cat picture business first tho.

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