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So how do poor people afford college? They get a scholarship or loan which.... depend on other individuals. Only public funding can allow everyone to get fair and equal access to education.

Also what are you talking about? Up until you leave your parents (if they are good ones) everything is given to you. If you are the child of a rich person you can live life with everything given to you. Your point only makes sense if everyone started out on a level playing field which is not the case.

Why should the poor have to work so hard to achieve success and the rich barely any work at all?

"but vash! life isnt fair!"
No it isnt, but why should we accept that?
Separate issue but I believe we maybe seeing the pendulum on college attendance swing the other way. When I went to Purdue University in-state tuition was a reasonable 7k a year. Now that I live in Illinois in-state tuition for a public school is almost 40k a YEAR! Forget about a private school. Half of my classes being GenEd were a waste of my time and money. I'm hoping at some point "education" as we know it will be reassessed. Once I actually got a job I learned more in 6months then I did in 4 years of college.

I'm a big fan of apprenticeships and on the job training. If I was a young person and absolutely wanted a college degree I would find the cheapest college and get my degree as fast as possible. While I went to school I would volunteer my time working on my craft to get some experience. When I look at someone resume usually their "education" is at the bottom and most times their degree isn't even in the field they practice.

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