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Originally Posted by Sobekeus View Post
It's not a right if it is forced on you.
I will agree that the way it is implemented may not be the most freeish of ways, certainly. It could have been handled differently, through communal health care contribution taxes or whatever (but taxes would be opposed too...).

Taxes aren't exactly free to pick either, but if you consider the cost required for medical care in general, it's not like you can expect people to only pay for their own medicines and surgeries. It'd be WAY too expensive.

And I'm not talking about boobjobs, obviously. Talking about life-saving and first aid operations alone.

Regarding Guantanamo, what's the reason he didn't close it again?

A legal problem created by the Reps... And of course domestic politics:

Administration officials lay blame for the failed initiative on Congress, including Democrats who deserted the president, sometimes in droves. The debate, they said, became suffused with fear — fear that transferring detainees to American soil would create a genuine security threat, fear that closing Guantanamo would be electoral suicide. Some Democratic lawmakers pleaded with the White House not to press too hard, according to administration officials.
It should never have existed in the first place.

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