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What do you want to ask the Devs?

So tonight is the much anticipated IRC chat with Dave G., and I was wondering what the burning questions on everyones minds were?

Here's a few of the things that have kept me up at night....

1) How will the Tech Trees work for learning new skills? Will there be even be Tech Trees?

2) How far in advance should a player start planning the type of charecter they want to play? Will I need to make that decision the first day, or will I get the chance to try a variety of things in the lower ranks, and then persue what interests me when I want to specialize?

3) Let's say that I want to be a Heavy Armor guy. How soon would I be able to get the suit? Will It take time to accuire one? If so does that mean that Initially there will be no Heavy Armor Units, and they will only become available after players achive suffient rank?

4) How's it feel to start the season 0-5? (for the St. Louis Dev's from a 49ers season ticket holder )

So as you can tell most of my thoughts have to do with the mysterious BEP & CEP systems sice little has been revield about how they will work.

Anyway, now you know what's on my mind, what are you thinking about?
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