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Re: How to make this game not only great, but amazing.

There are some things about your ideas i don't like personally, but i'm not entirely averse to either... However i just don't think they're very viable.

I think you're being too optimistic about how the politics thing would work. Most people wouldn't care, some would troll and/or exploit the hell out of it... it has the potential to be just one big headache that wouldn't be worth the trouble.

As for player housing, apart from distracting people from the actual game (can't fight, have to choose new rug), i think it would take time and effort that could be better spent creating more important new content like new continents, new bases with different gameplay mechanics, new lesser objectives outside of bases (convoy escorts, crashed ships/asteroids with resourse caches, etc), different environment types like underwater or low gravity, new weapons/cosmetic items/vehicles and others (check out the idea vault section of the forums, there's some interesting stuff there).

I like the idea of outfit bases and big cities though... specially if they could be raided (Warhammer Online style).

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