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Just because the vanu took over a continent or two, doesn't mean that they will "pwn j00 all!!!1 h4x0r d00d 4 lif3." There are only like 500+ people playing in the server, and all the continents are mostly empty so it shouldn't be too hard too control a few. Plus these beta testers are all the website runners, game designers/creators, and network geeks (PSU staff are not geeks in anyway shape or form ) so they don't play games as much because of the time spent doing important things. They aren't the hardcore gamming freaks (like myself) so they tend to *suck* a little more because of the time not playing games as much as gammers. Just give it time, and things will begin to change.


"This is your chance, soldier, to make your existence mean something, to fulfill your duty to honor and freedom. It's no mistake, you being trapped here on Auraxis. You're here for a reason. The fuel of freedom is in your veins, and it burns. The scent of Liberation, like damp iron, like blood, is in your nostrils. Breathe deeply and take up your weapon..."
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