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Re: Roadmap Resource Revamp & Continental Lattice Updated

Originally Posted by GraniteRok View Post
The proposed resource/power changes are intriguing. Looking forward to seeing more information about this.

The continent lattice change, nice but I have a concern. A faction gets home warpgated... What's the plan? They're camped and an entire faction is held at a warpgate? Not my idea of fun. Remember the warpgate camps in PS1? Without the capability of forming up in a Sanctuary and creating an unpredictable attack somewhere, like we had in PS1, a gated and camped faction will either not play or go fourth faction. Not good in my books.
As we know from ps1, if one empire is in danger then the other two empires will cooperate unofficially to make it worse. There's no quarter given to the underdog in Planetside.

The only 'out' an underdog has is when they lose enough territory that the other two empires a forces to fight each other.

With this it might all work out and I'm pretty happy atm.
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