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Re: "What are you listening to right now?" Thread

Masso: "1-2-3-4!" (good)
Takei: "1-2-3-4!" (good)
Asahi: "1-2-3-4!" (good)
Ayaka: "1-2-3-4!" (good)
Fujita: "One-zoo-zee-foh!" (Next Level)

Necry Talkie is the next Big Country!


Soz, soz

The poison damaged my nervous system esp. the nerves in salivary glands, and on some throat muscles and worse the baroreceptors in my neck resulting in Postprandial Hypotension.

At least when and if I cross the threshhold (rarely), it doesn't go for hours like months ago, but down to 10-15 horrible and dangerous minutes. I have to be careful, not standing up or far worse, bending down as it exascerbates it severely.

(Months ago I'd sleep with my heart palpitating because the blood pressure won't ever go up, with broken baroreceptors).

But the trouble is catch-22. I can't eat to heal my nerves faster, I already lost 31 lbs. in 5 months.

One less relieving ( ty is believing )

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