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Big Country is party in the ears (electrical storm)

Hopefully this is it. I can finally eat normally after the gas leak was fixed last month.

Maintenance won't believe there's a leak without the carbon monoxide detector going off inside. That is until the carbon monoxide detector outside won't shut off for hours. The gas company found the leak 25 feet away and spend two straight days - nonstop - sucking fumes off the ground.

The CO binds to the blood instead of oxygen. After eating, blood is redirected to the stomach. With that, the heart palpitates not just because of low blood pressure but also because of an even lower blood oxygen.

I just need to get rid of the gut bacteria I contracted from the dirty water that I couldn't kill before due to limiting dairy and having high vegetable and legume consumption, since increasing blood count and tending to low blood pressure comes first. Essentially feeding these belch-and-bloat machines.

Now that I can eat again ( after losing 47 lbs. ), I'm lysing it with milk and oatmeal.

Curved horizon ( inseparable treat )

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