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Re: Best / Worst - Rate Weapons and Vehicles

Originally Posted by Wahooo View Post
Why anyone would use a suckler over a pwnisher boggles my mind.
While the Cycler is horrible vs other MA, it does more damage, faster than the Pwnisher. It also carries more ammo. When burst fired, it will beat the Pwnisher handily. But agains the other MA at range its pretty crap.

However, the Cycler has the about the same rate of fire as an MCG, and does the same bullet damage per hit as an MCG, though its CoF blooms wider. In CQB, the Cycler is actually a fearsome weapon most dismiss due to its shoddy ranged performance. Three days ago i rolled in a NC tower outside Ghannon on Hossin, had my Cycler cause i was zerging. I picked up 8 kills in a row without losing momentum pushing up the stairs to the CC against the Jackhammer wielding NC. Ran myself out of ammo and died. I honestly amazed myself that the Cycler got me through that.


1: MCG
2 Jackhammer
3 Current Lasher

1 Pulsar
2 Gauss
3 Cycler

1 Lancer
2 Phoenix
3 Striker

1 Pounder
2 Comet
3 Falcon

1 Scat-MAX
2 DC (#1 if locked down)
3 Quasar

1 Starfire
2 Burster
3 Sparrow

1 Prowler (when fully manned)
2 Vanguard
3 Magrider

1 Marauder (If fully manned)
2 Enforcer
3 Thresher

1 Raider (when fully manned)
2 Thunderer
3 Aurora

1 Peregrine (Provided Doom Cannon is equipped)
2 Colossus
3 Aphelion
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