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Talking [TR][Connery] [ABIN] 501st Airborne Infantry Needs You

Hello, my name is Christian and I'm a co-owner of the 501st Airborne Infantry and I'm making this post to try to recruit more members.

About The Outfit: This outfit specializes in ESFs and strategic infantry drops on enemy bases supporting other troops. So far as of July 9th we have 9 people in it all being active members.

Who We Are Looking For: We are looking for skilled pilots mainly. We are also looking for strategists for missions and skilled combat infantry. BR does not matter as long as you have a understanding of what's happening.

Future Changes: We might make changes to leadership depending on activity.

How To Join: To join the 501st you must go to the Steam group and create a application using the proper format and if you are accepted you must go to discord for a interview.

Expectations: Please don't be a minge or be annoying. You will be kicked from the outfit if you are. Also dont try to speak over people, it blocks communication. You will be removed from the outfit if you are inactive for 2 weeks without informing an Administrator.

Instagram: ps2_abin
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