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Re: Planetside's wonderful views and Unique places [PICS]

Arclegger needs to tell the PS2 devs to add these things in, will give alot more exploration for people who dont wanna just zerg and kill. Look at all the commotion the warpgate icon things bring up from time to time so imagine a stone hedge or other land marks.

When TR had the north warpgate I always enjoyed just exploring the ocean bed.. Whats with all those animal bones? Why did all the animals die out but the plant life still thrives? Why arent there more bones. They could have small fragments of a crashed vanu ship or ancient vanu hieroglyphs hidden away!!! That would be really awesome little things to add wonder and mystery to the game! We have these massive warpgates with powerful nanite technology but for the most part thats where the games lore ends.

As it stand Indar is getting VERY dull. Small things like this hidden would give nice refreshment for those adventure seekers!

EDIT: After looking at Amerish alot lately on the PTR.. It has ALOT of really cool hidden locations like mining bases and secret caves and such

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