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Originally Posted by XilentJustice View Post
Ability to use battle rifles on Infiltrator class

You do realise anything bigger than a hand gun should be stripped from the infiltrator class? No? Sigh. INFILTRATION is NOT supposed to be a KILLWHORING class for ganking unsuspecting players!

Spy/Attack drones for the Engineer class
Good idea: thousands of players with the free ability to put drones in the air...

I hope you recognise sarcasm.

Futuristic long range mortar weapons
Spawncamping, now with more indirect fire.

Rocket buggy vehicle
Already exists on Harasser.

3 seater tank
Been discussed since pre-alpha, we got the [s]two[/s] one-sitters instead "cause players want to just shoot stuff or get bored" (worst argument, ever).

4 barrel anti-aircraft base turrets
How is this principally different from doubling the damage output or rate of fire on dual flak cannons?
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