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I know beta emails havent gone out yet, but..

When they eventually send out the beta emails, can we (the ones who filled the app out correctly, but dont make it into the beta testing process) at least get a "declined" email. That way we dont have to grit our teeth waiting ;p

May be old news or something, but it'd be nice to at least know if I didnt make it or something, instead of seeing people getting emails and me getting nothing. Not even a "no". Im not saying anyone has got an email yet, Im just talking about when they are sent out.

On another note, does anyone know how to change the email address that you filled out the beta app for??? Because Im moving to Florida (hopefully) and I think my dumbass used my comcast account ([email protected]) instead of my hotmail account email ([email protected]).... and ideas how to change it, if even possible?
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