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Re: A plea regarding bases, towers, and bunkers

Originally Posted by Sovereign View Post
This to me is the epitome of faulty base features that needs the reform, its as if the walls were no more defensive then picket fences. Bases like castles are meant to employ walls as consequential part of base defense and the fact that most people in last game simply avoided their use as if it were the plaque warrants the needed change.

Very good point made there.
actually the walls worked perfectly. walls do one thing, prevent passing thats it. the walls did this, it funneld players to either the main or secondary gate or the back door. unless you were in a place (or a vs max) you had to do this.

im not sure how you see the walls failed to do their job. walls are not there to provide farther defence. you can add fortifacations to the walls to allow infantry cover up there, but thats not the wall, thats a sprate parts, its why castle walls have those fortifacations.
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