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Re: A plea regarding bases, towers, and bunkers

Originally Posted by opticalshadow View Post
im not sure how you see the walls failed to do their job
It's more an issue of what you're defending against. Castles, wagon circles, electric fences, whatever. The threat is always on the same plane as the installation. PS quickly evolved to have a fully horizontal and vertical threat but PS bases were designed from a horizontal, castle mindset.

Inherent to the design of modern military structures is a non-physical dome defense to protect against aerial threats. Really, with modern weapons, thick walls don't mean a whole lot. In PS, the walls were made indestructible while the aerial defenses were reduced to annoyances. An inversion of current military practice. As such, bailers and gal drops became common to circumvent medieval defensive strategy.

Ultimately, walls did their job and yet didn't. PlanetSide's Maginot Line. The enemy simply went around then and do now. The walls were there to provide defensive structures that the enemy couldn't pass and, for a time, did it well but, now, does it far less effectively.
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