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This debate kinda reminds me of MAG on PS3.

MAG also had 3 factions to choose from each with a gun/play style. SVER was the "hit harder" CQC , Valor the middle men, and Raven was the high tech bunch with high ROF. Zipper made one hell of a game with MAG, but didn't do crap to keep it balanced.

In MAG every map was made to have the main objectives in a CQC area. Although the rest of the map could be made into anything every objective was in a tight space that played to one factions style more than the others, SVER. That lead to SVER taking over and holding every game mode there was before long. After that a snowball effect took over and by the time I quit MAG it was impossible for either Raven or Valor or touch SVER thanks to player base alone.

In PS2 it's the other way around. Everything is made to be at range with open bases, exposed cap points, and having vertical play a huge factor by way of drop pods, jetpacks, and aircraft in general. The NC isn't made for ranged battles with stock weapons. They just don't have the accuracy needed for 30m+. Yes with certs you can make accuracy better, but so can the others killing you. It'll be the same fight but from farther away.

Once more I use the MAXes as an example. If I see a TR or VS MAX at 30m as a troop I run due to them being able to kill me easy. It may take a bit but they have the health to tank what I can do. But if Im playing a MAX as NC. IM the one that has to run at 30m out if a troop spots me. Hell, most of the pellets from that scattergun can still miss at 10m out. Think about that. A MAX having to run from troops if they are more than 10m-15m away! WTF is right with that?

There are reasons why the NC on Waterson are often fighting for every inch of land. The NC have taken over a map a few times, but I always see them with the least land if the pop numbers are about equal. I have never seen the NC take the upper hand map wise without having a pop advantage. We have tried many times, only to get pushed back with ease.
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