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Deployable bases or any dynamic feature such as changing bases and such is great as it adds a ton of variety.

However, if theres going to be a mobile base, It should come straight from the HQ and be too large to build from any base in the field (as it becomes a blank base in the field). It needs to be larger than life and truly epic. (I'm thinking 12 lodestars long, 8 high and 6 wide). The earth shakes when its moving.
It can carry 40-60 people in position and has landing points for vehicles, Several and has a ton of Gun placements on it making it a real beast to take down. trees are leveled in its wake. However its relatively slow. Defenders can move freely inside of the mobile base should enemy infantry land on it and try to breach the hull and gain entry to destroy it from the inside.

A vehicle so large that it almost classified as an earthquake and the other Factions are given a cryptic message that an anomoly/earthquake/whatever has been located in a general section.

I want this vehicle to be jealous.

You then have to drive this Massive vehicle to its destination, most likely while under fire (A Convoy defense, hell yeah).

Once the location has been selected, the Mobile fortress begins to unpack and unfold into a Completely new base stripped of all its features. This process will take 30 minutes or so.

Once finished, the Base will have Dozens of Modular Nodes that are empty. It will need Power as it uses most of it in transforming into a base.

Several of the Modular nodes will be dedicated to power. You will have to drive charged Ants up to the plugs and insert them into the sockets. After a short transformation, the ANT Becomes a part of the Base as a Power Generator.

There will be other Modular slots located throughout the base where you will need to add fortification placements, Extra Armor, vehicle terminals, etc.. A vehicle terminal could be placed by Socketing a Lodestar into a modular port in which it becomes the Vehicle pad.

AMS's supply Shields for the base and Spawn points.

When its all said and done, there will be a new, uniquely crafted and configured Dynamic base in the world.

THATS what I'd want to see. Something so incredibly epic and difficult to face and requires a TON of work for both defense and offense.

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