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Re: Dynamic Bases

Great ideas, I'd love to see something along those lines.

However, something as "simple" as BF242's titans would be great, or the Goliath vehicle with more base features from this concept game.

The problem I can see with ground based mobile bases is simply moving them around; they would need a lot of space to move due to their size and that would mean a lot of trees and rocks removed, which takes a lot of cover away from infantry.

Because of the above problem large air bases like the titans would probably be best, or the smaller scale vehicles that can be kitted out to perform various base functions. Perhaps Anakers concpet could tie in to existing bases, with player built structures around the existing bases lending them extra defences and use; more vehicle bays, spawn points (existing AMSs), radar sources, generators, turrets, etc

Regarding the air titans, perhaps make them purchased only by outfits, using outfit points? And defiantly make them modular; allow an outfit to kit it out with a several air pads to support air cav outfits, or large weapon systems so its use as an artillery base.
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