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Analysis of PS 2 Teaser Trailer

I just thought I'd run through the trailer in slow-mo and see if I could pick any details out that give us some info on how the game will play, they aren't in any order because I'm a disorganized hopeless messy person so I'm just going through the frames as I spot stuff of interest

From this image a few things can be spotted, in circle 3 the tank [magrider (?)] has a driver and a gunner with a little picture in the top right showing open and occupied spots with a little graphic of the vehicle similar to Planetside. The tank apparently has a driver 'Shuttledem' since he is firing a weapon it seems like the magrider keeps its driver controlled plasma rifle thing.

In circle 1 there is a marker showing the direction of the vehicle and some illegible writing with some form of UI, it's possible that the writing refers to the region as it appears to be some kind of name such as NIMOH.

In circle 2 there is an obviously improved targeting system for the magrider gun rather than just a Cone of Fire we actually have some form of electronic system, in the video the shot clearly arcs so it looks like ballistics are in the game again.

In circle 4 there is a compass, pretty interesting since this was on the minimap in Planetside 1. Perhaps we will lose the minimap and instead have to use a static map and navigational skills to get around. Doubtful though.

In circle 5 there is a speed readout (KPM?), just a nice touch.

Finally circle 6 highlights alien symbols, probably Vanu symbols. Maybe this means there will be a fleshing out of the Vanu history as we have never seen the aliens written language before. It was stated that the backstory would be looked into in more detail.

Terran Republic

In the video we only see one Terran republic armor however there are multiple mutations of it.

In circle 1 there is clearly a repeater with some sort of reflex/red dot sight attached, it also has two barrels similar to the pistols from Battlestar Galactica so it could possibly have a secondary firing mode

In circle 2 there is a soldier wearing the same armor, however in this armor the helmet does not have the respirator/mouthpiece that we see earlier in the video - it merely has goggles + helmet however what this means is not clear. There is also a jetpack on the soldiers back which troopers with respirators/full face helmets lack.

It appears that we have two different types of armor, a more 'agile' version which has a jetpack and helmet + goggles and an 'assault' version. The assault version has a full-face helmet along with gauntlets and armored legs and forearms with a larger belt buckle.

In circle 3 there is clearly a soldier communicating via a wrist radio or some other form of device, he is also lacking a helmet - this could be a 'Squad leader' or 'commander class' as he appears to drop protection for command abilities.

In circle 4 we see a beautiful skybox, possibly an Auraxian moon?

In circle 5 there is another class, this one lacks a helmet and wields some form of sniper rifle with a long ranged electronic sight, the sight actually looks like some form of night-vision or vision enhanced scope. The gun also has a small magazine and is obviously not a 'break barrel' style sniper like Planetside's bolt-driver.

The crates in circle 6 caught my eye, they have Nanite systems printed on, this could indicate that nanites are still a resource and all the gameplay and story elements this entails.

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