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Re: Outfit Database Feature List

Originally Posted by Gryphon View Post
Your outfit's average is 17. The list is only the top 100 and at the moment the minimum to beat is 21.

All the scores are the total_xp divided by total_members. They all loop through the exact same calculation. The top outfit has 2 members who are both in their mid 80's, their average is mid 80.

Wanna bring your average up? Dump your noobs

Hamma don't dump me!
I like it the average level requirement. I'll hop on tonight to kick my inactive newbs.

Not sure if I like how the calculations to work. I agree that it's averaged but it just seems there should be a minimum amount of players needed as well. Any 2 high level guys can make an outfit and poof top 10. Not a real big deal really but if your going to throw a minimum average level on it then a minimum number of players should be required as well. Maybe you should add a total XP as well??? An average is cool but it penalizes outfits willing to take on new players. If my outfit is going to be compared to 2 level 80s then I only want you to take our top 2 for comparison. See what I mean?

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