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Re: An idea for vehicles.

i think its a good idea, but i worry about its role in the game. in large field fights, like we had in year 1, they would do awesome, ams, shield gen, med cart and lody and you have a deployable away base, that can quickly move with the front line.

but i fear its role may be abit out shined by its use, in most cases, units dont have the oppertuinity to fight, then run out of a base or tower, round the corner and down the hill just for HP, its more practical to take med themselves (assumeing it all works the same) since troops are not as mobile as vehicles, and have alot less dmg threshold, i just worry how useful a vehicle would be.

that said, at the very least, maybe add it as an addition to the AMS, because the other major issue you will have with this truck, is the fact it will be the number one target on the field. just because if it does work well, it will be a kings worth the exp in kill all the troops.

in either case, i like the idea of a mobile med station, and i would love for SOE to move them game into new ideas, and a mobile forward base/repair station i think will allow for alot more interesting stratigic encounters utilizing some of the space we have, it just needs to be useful enough to warrent the certs, and restriction of bringing some else to the field instead, while being more useful then a soldir with the med cert (which if it remains the same price id imagine the med cert and this vehicle would be about same 2-3 certs.)
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