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"Taxes, are the dues that we pay for the privileges of membership in an organized society."
Nice sound byte. Feels good doesn't it? I use to think so at one time. Almost seems rational, until you ask....

Where did I sign on?
I have Natural Rights, where do these "privileges" come from?
Who determines these "privileges"?
Who determines who gets to be a member and who does not?
How come "organized society" cannot exist without this construct of government?
What happens if I don't want to be apart of this "organized society" but would rather make a different organized society?

This is just a sound byte to make people feel good about having their time(life) taken from them in the form of taxes. A brilliant form of emotion policing that squashes questioning the system.

But no matter how you word always comes down to theft. One taking from another at the threat of violence or death.
"If you are not paranoid... you are not paying attention." -unknown
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