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Re: Hypocrisy?

Originally Posted by basti View Post
The thing is pretty simple: You didnt lost anything. You still have exactly the stuff you should have. Some peole just got something for free tho, you didnt. Complaining about this would be like complaining about the fact that some Hobo gets money for free from random people while you dont.
not true... paid members no longer get the queue priority like they used to over non-paid members. So what we paid for is not the same as it was a week ago.

It would be like if you bought a quick line pass for Disney world in advance and then the day you show up to use it it turns out its free quick line pass day and you have to wait in long lines because everyone has the quick line pass. You are the sucker that paid for the quick line pass which is esentially worthless now.

If it wasn't for the queues, no one would even notice how many people got the free month. How could I tell the guy next to me is getting an exp bonus? But the fact is, dumping this many members on the game has lowered the value of the membership, so we have lost something.

So I agree... its silly to complain about people getting the cert and xp bonus others are getting for free b/c who cares. But I also think its okay to be annoyed about the queues sucking for a month. I am not going to lose any sleep over this so I am dealing with it, but I just wanted to explain to people that the paid members are in fact losing something.

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