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Re: Loyalty promotion not granted to recent customers?

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I think (and was originally under the impression) that everyone received this month free regardless of whether their sub was active or not. In fact I noticed one of my subs expired June 1st and assumed they tacked the month onto my existing sub. Are we sure of this?
As it stands right now, current premium members are not getting the month free. I paid for a 3 month plan on 4/11 and it exipres 7/11. It didn't get extended to 8/11 even though I got the player reward camo.

I agree people like myself are overreacting... its just a game and we are talking about $15 tops here. But most people are not upset b/c others are getting something free, they are mad b/c what they pay for is being diminished b/c they no longer have the queue priority they paid for. It would be like buying a cable package and then a month later they give it away free for a month, but remove ESPN b/c too many people are now in the system. I agreed to pay $15 a month for all the perks of membership, but now I don't get one of them for a month.

Someone mentioned that Higby said in the chat that current members would get their accounts extended to account for the free month but I haven't had a chance to watch the video yet.

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