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Re: Hypocrisy?

Originally Posted by hypeiv View Post
It would be like if you bought a quick line pass for Disney world in advance and then the day you show up to use it it turns out its free quick line pass day and you have to wait in long lines because everyone has the quick line pass.
It's more like I've had a season pass for a year and it ended on April 4th. On May 3rd they decide to give everyone a free day pass for their "Loyalty" but I'm excluded because I had a sub after April 3rd, so I still have to pay while everyone gets free time.
Originally Posted by Higby View Post
And if you back in 2003 decided you wanted to play RTS games, between then and now you'd have dozens of RTS games you could have played. If you decided to play MMOFPS' between then and now, there were none
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