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Re: Cont Lock finally?

Originally Posted by Muldoon View Post
Here's a tiny update on continent locking.
I got some questions:
  1. Once a continent reopens, you'll find 100% in the hands of the enemy. If you take one base, that's likely to be lost again shortly after.

    What treshold(s) or condition(s) needs to be reached before it can be locked again by the empire that locked it before?
    • i.e. Is it unconditionally reopened for a certain period of time allowing an invasion to gain momentum?
    • Does it require being pushed back to such an degree, you lose "dominance" over the continent?
  2. Is a lock immediate after the last base is captured?
    • Or do you need to hold all warpgate borders for a certain period of time and can this lock be broken or prevented by a well timed counter-attack?
  3. Will players be rewarded with (temporary) extra exp or resources for succesful invasions or last stand defense to seduce them to fight till the end?
  4. Can all three/four continents be locked at the same time?
    • If so, what happens next? Is there a reward?
    • If there's a reward, is this so lucrative it would encourage players to go fourth empire and create a giant overpopulation to make it happen? (Even at the last minute.)
    • If you want to assign such a reward, I would suggest you demand a character has been on that empire for at least three hours before the final lock occured, this way, you would discourage bailing to the winning team at the last moment.
  5. From what I can tell, players aren't physically thrown out of the continent? Or does it work like the caves in PS1, where you can't respawn anymore once the cave is closed (not locked, in PS1 locked is simply capturing everything and getting the cave benefits)?
  6. From what I understand, you have to simply capture everything, rather than just the main bases?

Asking, because you might discourage fighting at certain points where players give up.

I would also suggest that if all continents are locked, the following occurs:
  • The first two captured continents reopen, one for each zero-based empire.
  • The other two captured continents reopen slightly later. At that time, the third empire is allowed back on the first two continents. This to concentrate the fighting on both sides in two-ways. Otherwise, the winning empire finds itself fighting on 8 fronts at once.
  • If there's a large login queue for an empire, the warpgates one the already opened continents open early.
  • All zero-based players get full resources.
  • All zero-based players get a temporary resource and exp boost (for invading)

I would like to remind you that the original "Continent locking" had the following effects:

Continent lock:
- You would "lock" a continent by taking ALL the linked bases on the other side of the warpgates of that continent, thereby denying a link.
- All minor bases (towers) switched to the winner's side once all major bases were captured.
- Players weren't physically locked out of the continent.
- You could still create a new link by neutralising a base (draining it from NTU)

Continent closed:
- For certain events, empires were literally prevented from entering a continent (they would be allowed to invade only one specific home continent of a single enemy who would often concentrate their forces on either fight due to lacking manpower for both).
- As a consequence of the above, players would start ghosthacking the world if they won one of the home continent fights, since they couldn't go elsewhere.
- Players had to wait and warpgate camp till the last continent would open. This would sometimes result in a complete world domination by the winner of the home cont defense that the defender gave up on.

Cave lock:
- All cave modules actived for all linked surface bases.

Cave closed:
- No more respawns possible, whether you have a base or AMS, just revives from medics.
- Could still continue to fight and capture links if you still had a single remaining base. You could win through attrition (killing the enemies and prevent them from being revived).

The system as proposed now - as I understand it anyway - reminds me an awful lot of a combination between the closed continent and closed cave. So that's a bit different from a "locked" continent.

As stated before, the "lock" was capturing all access points on the other side of the warpgate (even a hack and therefore denying the link, would suffice to stop or stall an invasion, sometimes resulting in a counter-invasion!).

I hope everyone is aware of the differences between the Locked Continent definition between PlanetSide 1 and 2.

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